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Revesby Workers Netball Club | Matilda McDonell | Diamond Sports Masterclass

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Revesby Workers Netball Club | Matilda McDonell | Diamond Sports Masterclass

We are connecting with our community netball teams and Diamond Sports brand ambassador Matilda ‘Tilly’ McDonell for an afternoon in the sun for a netball masterclass.

This month we had the pleasure of bringing our Diamond Sports brand ambassador and netball Giants superstar Matilda ‘Tilly’ McDonell to the girls @revesbyworkersnetball for our official Diamond Sports netball clinic.

Tilly showed the girls a few tips and tricks on the court. The Revesby Workers netball club never failed to impress Tilly with their netball skills dressed in their finest custom-designed netball uniforms from Diamond Sports.

Diamond Sports is all about connecting with our local netball clubs in the community. Be part of the on-court action on Instagram here:

Meet our Diamond Sports Brand Ambassadors

We are proud to partner with some of the most professionally successful and dedicated ambassadors in the sporting industry.

The happiest and most successful netball club teams have access to mentors and role models from the sporting community. We’ve introduced our Diamond Sports brand ambassadors to connect with our local schools and clubs across Australia through significant initiatives with our netball clinics.

We believe that providing positive netball role models and mentors at a grassroots level to our youth in the community inspires opportunities and inspiration in the formative years of their lives, from building confidence to performing better in school and university to becoming future leaders in professional netball.

You can read more about Tilly McDonell and our Diamond Sports brand Ambassadors here:

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It’s 2022, and Netball is growing in popularity for all genders Australia-wide.

Netball dresses and unisex netball kits are a critical part of your custom netball uniform program. Now is the perfect time to start preparing for your netball team’s uniform requirements before the commencement of the next season!

Today as netball continues to become more popular and inclusive, the way you style your netball uniform has also progressed in leaps and bounds from netball shorts or skorts as an alternative to traditional skirts, using easy-care, fade-resistant, and quick-drying fabrics.

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  • Club promotional events and competitions are an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your netball club supporters with custom netball team wear giveaways.

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